End of year concert

At the end of each year “Legs” students perform in a concert which showcases the talents of all the students and is well known for its variety and entertainment value.

The concert is optional and usually takes place toward the end of the year. Students who participate are required to attend extra rehearsals prior to the concert. Parents are responsible for the payment of costumes, whether hired or bought and some costumes will require sequinning by the parent. The end of year concert is a major project and parents will be called on to assist.

End of year awards

After the end of year concert annual awards are given to the dance students. The teachers select a Class Dancer of the Year from each class from Level 1 Tap, Junior Jazz, Grade 1 Ballet and above. The following aspects are looked at throughout the year: General attendance, grooming, attitude, team spirit and their dance ability or improvement. We also have the following awards:

Jazz Dancer of the Year

Tap Dancer of the Year

Ballet Dancer of the Year

Acrobatic Dancer of the Year

Hip Hop Dancer of the Year

“Legs” Dancer of the Year

Dance Scholarships

Encouragement Awards

5, 10 and 15 Year Service Awards