Lyrical Dance Classes

Lyrical is an aesthetically beautiful meeting point of classical ballet and jazz. It is emotive and has strong storytelling elements.

Lyrical Junior (8-12 Years) Wed 6:00:00 PM

Lyrical Inter (13+) Wed 7:00:00 PM Closed Wait List Only

Lyrical Advanced (13+) Wed 8:00:00 PM

“Legs” Uniform

Bare Foot with Leotard, skirt, shorts, crop top, ¾ leggings, full leggings, polo shirts, T-shirts, Boys tank top, Basketball shorts.

“Michelle recognised something in me that no one else did including myself and I owe every slice of amazing memory to her. I’m so lucky to be one of thousands of kids who were given a platform to express their creativity at ‘Legs’. Canberra and its broader community were totally blessed when we adopted this South African export who came and taught a bunch of kids the real joy of life through the art of performance.”

Joe D., 'Legs' Alum
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