Jazz is an energetic and upbeat style of dance. In a jazz dance class students learn the technique to kicks, leaps, turns, change-of-direction and isolations and a groundedness that comes from bent knees and a strong core. As a style, jazz sits somewhere in the middle between ballet and hip hop. We recommend taking a ballet class alongside jazz for the extra boost to strength and fine control that ballet teaches.

Jazz Monday

Jazz Wednesday


Skin tone dance tights.
Tan jazz shoes (preferably split sole).
“Legs” uniform (only available from Legs Dance Studio). Leotard, skirt, shorts, crop top, ¾ leggings, full leggings, polo shirts, T-shirts, Boys tank top, Basketball shorts.

“..Things like organisational skills, her approach to practise and preparation, her resilience through hard times, her ability to work as part of a team, learning that through hard work good things happen, and later on knowing what it takes to lead others. While knowing how to dance is great skill to have, I have always felt that the real magic Michelle brings to dance is something deeper, dearer and longer lasting.”

Ed, 'Legs' Parent
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