Legs Dance School has qualified Teachers to teach Examination Dance classes in the following styles.

Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus – Ballet Dance for children from 5 years and older.

Acrobatic Arts Dance Syllabus – Acrobatic Dance For children 7 years and older.

Glenn Wood Tap Dance Syllabus – Tap Dance for Children 5 years and older.

Read Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet Programme Dance classes for preschoolers 2 to 5 Years.

Examinations are optional, however we recommend all students take examinations, where possible.

Ballet examinations usually take place in July/August and tap and acrobatics examinations in June. Examinations may take place during school hours.

Examination students are required to attend extra lessons prior to the examinations.

Ballet students must attend a week of classes during the 2nd week of the July school holidays.

Ballet students from Grade 1 upwards wishing to do examinations must attend two ballet classes per week. If they do not, they will only be eligible to take an exam.

Parents are responsible for paying the examination fees and must ensure that their children have the correct uniform.

The principal reserves the right to enter students or not.