A 1 hour dance class that your children will love – the dance class incorporates 3 styles of Dance:

-Ballet, Jazz and Tap- or -Acrobatics, Jazz and Hip Hop-

The class is designed to engage, encourage and promote self confidence as well as creativity. A fun yet disciplined dance class for beginners who want to do it all.

Petite BJT Ballet,Jazz,Tap Combo (5-7 Yrs)Wednesday04.00 – 05.00pm
Petite AJH Acrobatics, Jazz, Hip-HopThursday04.00 – 05.00pm
Petite BJT. Ballet,Jazz,Tap Combo (5-7yrs)Saturday09.00 – 10.00am
Petite AJH Hip-Hop, Acro, Jazz ComboThursday05:00 -06:00pm
Junior BJT. Ballet,Jazz,Tap Combo (8-12yrs) ***Saturday11.00 – 12.00pm
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