Children Dance Classes Wanniassa

In Wanniassa, nestled near key landmarks like the bustling Erindale Shopping Centre and the serene Wanniassa Hills Nature Reserve, parents face the challenge of finding engaging, healthy activities for their children.

Legs Performing Arts stands out as a beacon of creativity and community, offering more than just dance lessons by integrating our programs with the suburb’s active lifestyle. Enrol Now and let your child thrive in an environment that nurtures both their artistic spirit and physical wellness.

Why Wanniassa is the Perfect Place for Young Dancers

Wanniassa, with its community-focused atmosphere and easy access to local amenities, is ideal for families looking for holistic development opportunities for their children.

At Legs Performing Arts, we understand the challenges parents face in keeping children physically active and socially engaged. Our dance classes are designed to encourage creativity, fitness, and social skills, offering an enriching alternative to the usual after-school activities.

Explore Our Diverse Dance Programs

At Legs Performing Arts, we offer a variety of dance programs tailored to different age groups and interests:

  • Introductory Dance Classes: Ideal for beginners, focusing on fun and basic skills.
  • Advanced Performance Groups: For more experienced dancers looking to refine their technique and perform.
  • Seasonal Workshops: Held during school holidays, focusing on special techniques or fun themes to keep dance exciting.

Local Venue Performances

To promote health and wellness beyond dance, Legs Performing Arts organises Family Fitness Days at local parks. These events include dance-based fitness activities that are fun for the whole family and reinforce the importance of an active lifestyle.

It’s a great way for families to bond, stay healthy, and connect with other community members in an enjoyable setting.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities

    Our studio is equipped with the latest in dance education technology:

    • Safety-first Dance Floors: Designed to prevent injuries with proper cushioning.
    • Parent Lounge: Comfortable viewing area for parents to watch their children’s progress.
    • Ample Parking: Easy access right off Athllon Drive, ensuring convenience for all families.

    Technology in Dance Education

    At Legs Performing Arts, we incorporate the latest technology in our teaching methods, including video analysis tools that help students understand and improve their dance techniques.

    This modern approach not only enhances learning outcomes but also prepares our students for the digital age, making our classes not just about dance but also about developing valuable tech skills.

      How to Get StartedOur Enrollment Process

      Enrolling at Legs Performing Arts is simple:

      1. Contact Us: Discuss your child’s interests and our class availability.
      2. Visit Our Studio: Take a tour, meet our instructors, and see our facilities.
      3. Trial a Class: Experience the joy and community of our dance classes first-hand.
      4. Enrol and Join: Easy registration to start your child on a journey of dance and discovery.

        Join the Movement at Legs Performing Arts

        Is your child ready to leap into a world of rhythm, creativity, and fun? At Legs Performing Arts in Wanniassa, we’re not just teaching dance; we’re creating a community where children can grow, learn, and shine.

        Enrol your child today and watch as they transform with every beat. Sign Up Now and be part of a school that moves to the rhythm of its students’ success.