Children Dance Classes Greenway

In the heart of Greenway, finding enriching activities for kids amidst busy lifestyles and constant digital distractions can be a challenge.

At Legs Performing Arts, we address this by offering dance classes that blend physical activity, creativity, and social interaction, providing an engaging alternative to screens.

Enrol Today and let your child discover the joy of dance in a supportive and dynamic environment, where they can develop confidence and skills that last a lifetime

Why Choose Our Dance Classes?

Choosing the right activity for your child is crucial, especially in an area like Greenway, where community and outdoor activities are at the heart of everyday life.

Legs Performing Arts capitalises on this vibrant setting to offer dance classes that do more than teach dance—they build community, character, and creativity.

From preschoolers to teens, our programs are designed to cater to various age groups and skill levels, ensuring that every child finds their rhythm and confidence on the dance floor.

Seasonal Dance Performances

At Legs Performing Arts in Greenway, we host seasonal performances that allow our students to showcase the skills they’ve developed over the semester.

These performances take place in our state-of-the-art studio, equipped with professional lighting and sound systems, providing a real stage experience for students.

Families and friends are invited to these events, which are highlights of the community calendar, celebrating the progress and dedication of our young dancers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our studio is designed with the young dancer in mind, featuring:

  • Child-Friendly Studios: Equipped with safe, sprung floors and cheerful, bright interiors.
  • Parent Viewing Areas: Comfortable spaces where parents can watch their children flourish.
  • Easy Access: Located conveniently with ample parking and easy access from Drakeford Drive, making it simple for busy families.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort Features

Our studio prioritises the safety and comfort of all our students. We’ve installed advanced air filtration systems to ensure a healthy learning environment, especially important for physical activities like dance.

Our studios are cleaned and sanitised daily, and we have spacious changing rooms and rest areas, making our facilities top-notch for children and parents alike.

Specialised Dance Workshops

Legs Performing Arts offers specialised workshops in Greenway that focus on specific dance techniques or themes, such as Musical Theatre Dance, Popping and Locking, or Classical Ballet Techniques.

These workshops are scheduled during school breaks and are taught by experienced instructors, providing an intensive learning opportunity for students who wish to enhance their skills or try something new.

Flexible Class Schedules

Understanding the busy lives of our families, Legs Performing Arts offers flexible class schedules including evening and weekend options.

This flexibility helps ensure that dance classes can fit into the family routine without stress, making dance accessible to more children in the community.

    Step Up to the Beat at Legs Performing Arts

    Ready to ignite your child’s passion for dance? Enrol them in Legs Performing Arts in Greenway, where creativity meets fun in every step. Our expertly designed classes cater to all skill levels, providing a safe, nurturing environment where young dancers flourish.

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