It starts with a Dream.

Add  Faith .. and it becomes a belief.

Add Action.. and it becomes a part of Life.

Add Perseverance .. and it becomes a goal in sight.

Add Patience and Time .. and it ends with a dream come true.


Our Classes are all back in the studio but online now with their own Zoom Nos for those who cannot make it into the studio .

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Alice in Wanderlust 

Let our  students take you on magical trip through the worm hole for an afternoon of entertainment and fun

November 27th 2021

Erindale Theatre

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Being Physically Active is one of the key elements to a healthy Life

Do you want your children to be happy, confident, co-ordinated creative?

Call or email us we have programmes that children love to engage with.

Ready Set Dance Voted no 1 Preschool Programme at 2020 Ausmumpreneur Awards.

Legs Dance School is the first ACT Dance studio to have been licensed to provide this award winning programme.

Created to provide our children with the opportunities to become confident pre primary schoolers it has gone on to become an internationally recognised programme

What an amazing program Legs offers.
Our daughter was so shy and the teachers and team at legs have grown her and her confidence. The teachers are so warm and welcoming. And really encourage the children to embrace their imagination.
The team prepare the concerts to the highest of standard and ensure all the children are comfortable.
Codi, RSD Parent
ready set dance class canberra


Are your kids active enough?

According to the Australian 24 hr movement guidelines for Preschoolers 3-5 years and Young People 5 years to 17 years.

A minimum 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical aerobic type activity per day is advised.

As well as, at least 3 times per week activities that will strengthen muscle and bones.

Little Monkeys 2 to 5 years.

Basic Tumbling, Interactive Circuits, Balance Beams, Silks, Juggling, Hula Hoops and more for Little Monkeys

Dance Cirque for 6 years to adults.

Lycra, Hoop, Tumbling, Aerial and Acrobatics for Dance Cirque classes.

Legs Dance Cirque

‘Legs’ provides  a nurturing environment through dance classes for students to grow and thrive at the highest level.

Legs Dance Ballet Syllabus
Legs Dance Ready Set Ballet
Legs Dance Cirque

Legs is safe and friendly space for dancers of all ages and abilities. 

“I’ll always be so grateful for the role Legs has had in my life. You gave me another family and a safe place to exist and experiment and grow. I was able to have a professional career in dancing overseas before medicine because of Legs, and that will always be something I am so proud of. “
Lauren C, 'Legs' Alum

Join us on our Journey

” Success is a Journey. Not a destination! “

Canberra Area Theatre Award Nominated Routines From Our 30TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION